Here’s a character design!



Here’s a character design for Abrielle, one of the primary characters for the webcomic we’re working on. Major props to the artist working with me!



I’m not addicted to soda anymore. I don’t need it. When I have let myself have a few sips it’s actually too sweet to stand.

I’m very excited about this. So excited that eliminating sugar from my diet completely is the next step.

After that, ALL fast food will be eliminated. I don’t see any significant weight changes yet but I’m hoping that being off of everything like this for awhile longer will start the weight to come off.

As for the web comic my artist has promised me that after the holidays we will finally get some work done. The holidays are over so it seems we’ll get started for real now!

Day 7 – Day 11

The road is better. I have decided that on Saturday December 20th I will allow myself a soda. That’s when my friends celebrate Festivus (look it up) so I feel I’ll have earned it by then! ┬áJust one as a reward during the day! But after that, right back to my no nonsense cold turkey attitude.

I suffer from no more headaches or stomach issues. I haven’t seen a remarkable improvement in my digestive system or energy but there has been small differences. I’m assuming I need much longer to really see results of having cut soda from my diet. I do require less caffeine to function now although I really feel the drop when I am running on empty.

Sleep-wise? It hasn’t made any real improvements in my ability to sleep. The insomnia remains but the exhaustion is more prominent. The real difference is once I am able to actually fall asleep I do stay that way. But the trick is still getting there to begin with. Herbert my purple otter has not visited me in a week though because I’m getting at least 2-3 hours of sleep a night. So, I’m not quite delusional.

Back to daily updates tomorrow!

Days 5 & 6

Nights are especially hard on this soda free journey. Why? Because I’m home. And there’s coke in the house for the others who live here. IT’S THERE STARING ME IN THE FACE.

Water has become so boring. I’m trying to pep it up with sugarless flavor additives but it’s just not doing it for me. So I’m just drinking it plain anyway.

I’m not suffering from the withdrawals anymore, no headaches and what not. Although I am feeling so, so just done with what I’ve limited myself to now maybe I’ll have to reward myself at the two week mark and have one soda.

Hopefully the cravings stop soon.

Giving Up Soda: Days 1 & 2

I’m giving up soda. I am addicted and I drink 5 plus cans a day. I’m damn sure that the sugar and empty calories are what is keeping a good portion of my weight on. I will be documenting the withdrawals as well as the progress I hopefully make.

Day 1

Feeling the loss of the caffeine a bit. More tired this morning and afternoon. Very much craving a coke.

Day 2

Exhausted and suffering from caffeine withdrawals including worsening migraines. My bones ache and I’m dreaming of a bubbly soda. Didn’t give in! Too early to check for weight loss; I will weigh myself tomorrow for an idea of the starting weight and then do so again in one week.

I think I’ll reach a new point of delirium soon. My purple otter agrees. His name is Herbert.

Break time post

So I’m actually still at work at the moment (the baby is asleep so it’s my break) but I wanted to bring up the web comic again.
Due to life the art is still getting worked on but I’ll be in possession of some rest strips either today or tomorrow. The artist I have is very talented and worlds better than anything I could have pumped out, so it is worth having the patience. As for the written aspect is going along as expected. I’m showing through the story and writing out summaries before there scripts so everything has somewhere to go. The scripts are currently in the rough draft stage but are being written.
I’m excited for this project and can’t wait to get this up and going in the next few months.


Okay I super disappeared and I super suck.

Tonight I will be online, I will be up until dangerous hours, and I will be on a shit load of Red Bull.

To be honest, I’ve just been so tired lately from my job and excessive weekend stuff going on that I haven’t been bringing myself to stare at the computer. Get ready for so many posts tonight that you’ll hate me!